We offer a comprehensive care program meant to provide total immersion in recovery not only through 12-step meetings but also by forging real relationships with men who have discovered lasting and fruitful sobriety in their lives and communities. We believe that separation from mind altering substances is the first step on the road to recovery but more is required for our residents to recreate their lives.

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We are not a glum lot!

Sobriety need not be boring! Most of us have found new interests, activities, and relationships that are more enriching than we could have imagined, and infinitely more rewarding. We believe that before we can truly wake up to life it is imperative we evoke and cultivate some sort of passion, be given a gift we wouldn’t exchange. At Recovery Road we listen to our residents and provide recreational activities based on their suggestions:

  • Speed Zone Go Cart Racing
  • Group Dynamics Team Building Activities
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Upscale Dining Experiences
  • and other group activities

Our community is dog friendly! In many cases residents will be able to bring their animal friends to Recovery Road! Please contact us for more information!


Service and Amenities

There are multiple common areas available to residents as well as outdoor space for meditation. To ensure that we maintain a safe and healthy community we require an in-depth screening for our residents. We also have an experienced house manager on site and require random in house drug testing and laboratory screening when necessary. Clinical and professional services are available at a nearby facility for residents who require them.

In most cases transportation services will be provided to residents as necessary. Staple groceries and fresh ingredients for group dinners are provided. Residents will be required to cook but will also enjoy trips to restaurants collectively chosen by members of the community. Residents are provided with a gym membership and access to various fitness classes.