Recovery Road is a place meant to facilitate the restoration of purposeful lives of men by providing a safe place where men can achieve personal growth and recovery. Our residents receive individual mentorship and a fellowship of men who face a similar struggle and together we face the many challenges of early recovery.

A Solid Foundation

Years of experience with addiction and alcoholism has proven that abstinence from substances depends on cultivating a strong sense of community. Our structured living program is designed to provide residents with the tools and network required to build this foundation. Residents will regularly attend 12-step and other abstinence based recovery meetings across the metroplex. We are different from other sober living homes in that we provide exposure to a variety of groups and options to individually help our men find what structure works best for them before they leave our community. Upon admission residents will follow a structured schedule as they progress through our phase system.


At Recovery Road we believe in holding each other accountable and earning privileges only by holding oneself to our community standards. We have a set of firm house rules and staff on premises 24/7 to ensure the safest and most positive environment possible. Additionally, residents will be drug tested randomly, usually at least once a week. Resident privileges are determined by the phase system. Staff works closely with residents and determines when a resident is ready to progress through phases.

…Only a Beginning

Our program also exposes residents to a variety of daily activities meant to cultivate healthy habits and teach valuable skills residents will learn and apply to everyday living in our community.

Gym and Exercise – Residents will be provided complimentary gym memberships and be required to participate in fitness activities at least three times a week.

Time management and Goals Planning – Mentors will work with residents individually to map out a schedule and help them determine goals and develop a schedule that will help them move towards those goals.

Meal preparation – Residents will be required to cook. Our schedule includes three meals where residents will come together to enjoy good community and good food.

Chores – Residents will maintain a daily chore schedule and practice mindfulness by organizing their personal space and being neat and tidy.

Critical Resources

Occasionally residents need resources outside of the recovery community to help develop a healthy lifestyle. We have a psychiatrist on our team who is readily available to meet with residents. We work with a therapist who offers counseling services at our homes. We also maintain strong relationships with quality intensive outpatient programs in the metroplex. Lodging fees do not cover extra resources.