It’s not an exaggeration to say that Recovery Road Homes has saved my life. In the past, upon leaving treatment centers and jails, I had a choice to make; go back to the ways that got me into the facilities in the first place, or call somebody and try to make a change. Typically, I always chose the first option. That was until, through God’s grace, I landed in a Recovery Road home. Thanks to the guidance of Mr. Vasavada, and the peace of mind that comes with a truly safe environment, I was in a perfect state to make a change. The facility is beautiful. Its 4 acres of land are smack dab in the safe, quiet suburb of flower mound. The houses are well decorated and comfortable. I found that by contributing to the houses with my own hands by doing landscaping and other projects, I actually felt a part of something, which helped me with my own personal growth. And by contributing, my actions will help the future generations of guys who get to live at the houses feel more comfortable, which I feel great about! Today, I’m proud to call Mr. Vasavada a great friend. I know I can always call him and get a helpful voice on the line. My experiences at Recovery Road have taught me how to live and have fun as a young sober person and to take part in my community rather than do harm to it. I’m extremely grateful to Sharva and his Recovery road team for turning my life around and putting me on this pathway to success.

– Nicholas S.